The Problem With "Outdoor Dogs"

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The domestic dog is a social animal which thrives on mental and physical stimulation. He requires the company of his pack in order to have a fulfilled life.

The indoor dog who lives in the body of the family unit receives the majority of it training in real-life situations, all day, every day. He is calmer in the house, because it isn't a novelty to be there.

The outdoor "farm dog" had a job which kept him physically and mentally satisfied, and he worked side by side with his master every day. He didn't spend hours and hours in a boring backyard with the same old bone, pacing the same old fence, or worse, left on a chain running around and around in circles. Having another dog for "company" doesn't solve the problem - you just have two dogs starving for attention and needing a job.

Many behavior problems are consistently seen and are exaggerated in outdoor dogs: