My mission is to improve the dog's quality of life by radically removing the use of chemicals, pesticides and poisoning by using personal and holistic health and nutrition

To promote health and help prevent illness, Purrfect Dog is committed to an ongoing focus to radically reduce the chemicals, pesticides and ill health of your dog. My vision reaches far beyond the limited horizon of just making a meal but to actually heal naturally. I am striving for better quality of life for present and future generations of dogs, providing the longevity of your pet. My deep central theme is reverence for the value and beauty of all life, but mainly for a strong and healthy dog.

Keeping your dog happy and healthy starts with knowledge. I believe dogs deserve the best, such as homemade food, treats, discipline, a cozy place to sleep, and an owner who knows just what to do when their dog returns with a fresh coat of skunk spray. Here, you can learn about dog nutrition, puppy tips, training, health concerns, products and much more.

Kat works determinedly to educate pet owners so they can influence veterinary medicine and change current vaccine, food and preventive health practices.

I invite you to join me in an effort to improve quality of life in a profound and practical way.

Disclaimer: The entire contents of Purrfect Dog website and publications are based upon the opinions and research of Kat Nordby, aka Purrfect Dog, her Purrfect Dog community, hardworking holistic vets and respective authors, who retain copyright. The information on Purrfect Dog website is intended to give holistic information as a sharing of knowledge and information on how important it is to work with holistic health.