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Wash Dog Natural Soaps are wonderfully handmade, safe and naturally effective, unlike pesticides or chemicals that can be harmful to your furbaby.

All oils and ingredients we use are 100% safe for animals.

GREAT for BOTH Dog and Human!

Please see brochure for more HUMAN SOAPS available

Woodlands Shampoo Soap - Green

This soap is a spot-on alternative from the liquid or spray pesticides or chemicals that are harmful for your dog and to your body. This soap should be used every two weeks in heavy insect areas or once a month in milder insect areas. This geranium and other essential oil soap is the utmost effective antidote for Ticks, Fleas, Mosquitoes and Flying insects. The clay adds a wonderful silky lather.
Use accordingly from spring to fall.
Excellent for campers in woodsy areas or for your walks in the woods. Absolutely works!!

Stinky Shampoo Soap - Black

An ultimate soap to bathe those stinky dogs and get the smell out. This Lemon Eucalyptus and other essential oil soap will banish those hard to get rid of odors.
It also rids hands of horrible smells like onions or rotten things like what the dogs roll into and keep you both smelling perfectly clean!

Winter Shampoo Soap -Blue

This moisturized essential oil soap is remarkable for that dry, dandruff skin in the winter months. The clay works especially well for dry hair and scalp because of its moisturizing and mineralizing properties. It will moisturize and condition your dog’s skin leaving it subtle and smooth while gently detoxifying it.
Use of this soap all winter long will help maintain the nutrients which are vital for your dog’s skin and yours.

Allergy Shampoo Soap - Tan

This soap is great for problematic skin to soothe, heal and purify. For those allergy attacks where your dog or you suffer from constant itching, bites and hot spots. Turmeric and other essential oils are used in this soap while the clay stimulates the skin and aids in dryness.
Wash your dog and scrub those areas deeply into the skin.