Dog/Puppy Purchase Package Deals

Pets (companion dogs) = $1,500.00

Fully obedient trained (see How I Train My Dogs) *plus any additional costs.

PTSD** Service/Therapy Dogs = $2,500.00

Fully obedient trained (see How I Train My Dogs) plus therapy training (see Therapy) including public awareness to hospitals, clinics, etc. *plus any additional costs.

* Additional Costs that may/may not apply. Costs include Purebred or Rescue dog costs, Vet fees, Vests, ID cards, Registration, Equipment, Certificates. Natural Tick/Flea prevention and Heartgard given to puppies/dogs.

(Vet fees include all shots, testing, worming, spay/neuter, micro chip and x-rays if needed.)
(Breeder or Rescue costs range from $350.00 and up, depending on what you want to pay for a puppy.)

** PTSD has been associated with veterans for many years, however there is less attention paid to others who have been afflicted with PTSD as a result of their service to our communities. Law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and EMTs can also suffer from PTSD due to their involvement with and witnessing of traumatic situations throughout the course of their jobs.

PTSD is an extremely difficult disorder to treat through traditional methods. Researchers are now discovering that PTSD typically results from a biochemical reaction that is triggered at the time of the trauma. Because of this, PTSD cannot be cured and symptom management is currently the only available way to treat the disorder.

Individuals with PTSD are hesitant to seek treatment because of the stigma associated with PTSD and other mental health disorders. This is especially true for those who are seen as courageous and heroic by our society. While the adjective fits, it puts an undue burden on them to show their strength and resilience to tackle any situation, including PTSD as a result of their traumatic experiences.

While traditional therapies may help some of the symptoms resulting from a traumatic past, the PTSD suffered can interfere with every aspect of their life. Having a certified Medical Service Dog can change your life considerably.

Although there are other service dog organizations throughout the states, very few provide PTSD service dogs with no financial burden on the recipient. Such sources may include veteran’s organizations, medical institutions, mental health organizations, law enforcement communities and others who have a passion to help those diagnosed with PTSD.