How I Train My Dogs

Each dog is individualized and may need different techniques. This is sure to please each dog on their particular need. No harsh devices or gimmicks are used, only positive techniques! I work with both the dog and the owner, so there is no confusion about what is required. My specialized methods mean that the majority of my clients only need one behavioral training session.

My easy to understand list of insights will explain how to communicate effectively with your pet, what commands to give, when to praise and more importantly when not to.

During your training session, it will stimulate your dog’s mental processes which often help other behavioral problems, such as frustration, lack of confidence, and the inability to communicate effectively between dog and owner. I cover all training commands that you as an owner would want in your dog. At the end of our session you will understand exactly what you both need to do.

I stand behind all my training and PLEASE check out my references from many satisfied customers!! You will be given detailed instructions and many written articles for further education.

All the dogs I sell are trained to therapy level to know how to handle themselves in public places, safety and being extremely obedient to respond to all commands. My specialty leash I created will help your dog to stay close and eventually walk next to you unleashed.

Many people describe my abilities as the dog whisperer, miracle healer or that I am magic! My training will change both you and your dog’s life to provide you with the best-behaved puppy that everyone will envy!

How Old Should I Start Training?

Preferably as young as possible.(6 weeks and on) I believe that this is a must for new puppy owners who are rearing puppies for the first time or even experienced owners who want to get it absolutely right for this dog. What you do and how you train and develop your dog at this age is so vitally important, that is shapes the behavior of your puppy for the remainder of his or her life. Your puppy will permanently maintain the high levels of training between ages of 6 weeks to 14 weeks.